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About us


New Found Territory

We are New Found Territory, a forward-thinking marketing & strategy agency specialised in helping brands navigate the evolving landscape to achieve growth & success. 

Guides to a newfound territory

A future proof business

We believe a new generation is emerging; they think and act differently, offering an opportunity for brands & businesses to thrive and connect with people. 

Our mindset

Our entrepreneurial mindset is our most powerful asset as it fosters innovation, adaptability and a relentless drive for results, ensuring your success, and fully growing your business whilst navigating through a new found territory.

Think slow, act quick

We meticulously plan, ensuring we know there to play and how to win – making sure we have the bandwidth to act swiftly, and grasp important opportunities and deliver results

20+ years of experience

With over 2 decades of experience in building and growing brands & businesses, we bring a wealth of knowledge, an extensive network and a proven track record.

Let’s find your new found territory.

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2021 KA Haarlem